Learning is how it all begins...

I can't remember a day without music in my life. From harmonizing to my mom's cassette tapes and records at age two, to creating my own songs about the Seven Dwarfs at age 3 (a truly stunning piece), music has always been there as much as my right arm, left foot, and freckle on my nose. I believe that one of the reasons I never had a childhood view of "practice" as "work" is because those surrounding me treated it as just another something we do, like eating or sleeping. Some of the most well-known musicians have started off just "playing around" on an instrument. I greatly encourage playtime on any instrument. It is crucial to educational development.

She Speaks Music Educating branch has  a philosophy of music education that includes play and creativity, student-directed sessions, strong reading skills AND developing strong aural skills, composition and arranging, and achieving all levels set forth by NAfME as a guideline. We are proud members of NAfME and NCME.

"What instrument should I try?"
All too often, students begin an instrument and for various reasons cannot continue to a level of measurable success. Wouldn't you like to start off the right way, with the right instrument? An instrument aptitude consultation will include various methods to discover what instrument you may have the best aptitude for, and a referral to the best instructor who can tailor lessons to your personality and goals.

"How can I get started writing my own music?"

Whether you are desiring to write popular songs to pave your way to stardom, or classical pieces to inspire, there is a method to get you there with success!

Rebecca Brambila,musician, music lessons, violin, piano